About The Hogar

Hogar San Francisco de Asis is a home in Chaclacayo, Peru (about 30 minutes outside of Lima) that receives sick children whose parents cannot afford to buy them required medicines or treatments. The children live in the home and receive all necessary medications, food, and other needs without charge. Once they are well, the children return to their families. The Hogar is staffed with nurses to care for the children 24 hours a day as well as cooks, laundresses, and volunteers to help care for the children.

The Hogar is directed by Dr. Anthony Lazzara, a parishioner of Christ the King Parish in Tampa, Florida. Dr. Lazzara is a pediatrician who left an academic position at Emory University in 1983 to help the poor children of the developing world.

Official Bio: http://www.villalapazfoundation.org/bio/